Montyybucks Inc. is privately owned trading company into imports and distribution of various brands. We primarily deal into Baby, Home Care products and Garden Planters. We are exclusive importers for PURA Kiki’s Stainless Steel Feeding Bottles which are the safest, most adaptable, and most eco-progressive Baby Feeding Bottles. Very soon we are also launching sterilizers. We also have our own brand “Itellic” which deals in GSM based landline phones. We feature fantastic collections for your home and kitchen too. We create more possibilities for more people through the power of different products – for infants, children and adults. Our products are innovative and several additional features make our product unique. We believe in: Commitment to customer satisfaction Environmental awareness Excellence in quality OUR VISION Montyybucks means full desired amount. Our vision is to become a distinguished Company recognised for its innovative global products. We believe in continuously enhancing people lives by providing our customers unique and unfamiliar products and expert service .To continuously create new opportunities for growth in our strategic business as what we do today, right now will have an accumulated effect on all our tomorrow . OUR MISSION To achieve success in our endeavour to make a huge company well -known for its employee friendly policies to attain a level where our intervance can help build a good future for the children in our country .To build and sell product that are not only eco-progressive but become problem-solver for all our adults globally . “WE ARE MADE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND SO WE EMBRACE EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO DO SO.”