Getting started with The Kiddy Hub!

Now with The Kiddy Hub, there is an exciting opportunity to discover the Kiddy World like never before. The Kiddy hub is an online market place that connects potential buyers with the best service providers. We can also say that it is a resource guide that caters to the needs and wants of every parent. From fashion, party planning, furniture to personalised products, photography and baby gear all at one place- ‘The Kiddy Hub’.

All you need to know before you start registering

Today, there are a lot of home-based sellers about which parents are unaware. These service providers have reliable stuff but not a platform to expand their brand. Hence for such service providers, The Kiddy Hub is a perfect base to get themselves registered and get advantages.

Undoubtedly, it will promote your business based on the performance as well as increase your customer base consistently. In a way, we are helping and giving an excellent opportunity to get listed with us which will be useful to grow bigger, get more traffic or kick-start their business by extending the services at their own convenience.

Here are some registration benefits:

  • Organised platform to take your business online
  • Connect exclusively with a community of customers looking for kids products and services
  • Maintain your dedicated page to list your profile and product portfolio
  • Promote your business through our platform
  • Increase business visibility
  • Enhance your brand credibility
  • Effective filters to guarantee increased profile visits
  • No commission: The money you make is all yours
  • Joining is absolutely FREE

As mentioned above, all the sellers, out there, get ready to give it a try for your business and see benefits, we are here to help you. Register today!

If you want to know more about the registering process and getting started with us, do not forget to watch the embedded video. Also for more detailed information, you can download and look up the PDF.

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